how it works

What you need and how to play


  • Start Time: You can start and finish anytime, there is live support from 11am to 5pm daily. Tickets are valid for 12 months.
  • Duration: Usually 60 minutes if played non-stop but longer if you stop for drinks along the way
  • Meet: The game zone is in the city centre and we will send you the exact meet and finish points by email.
  • Cost: €14/£12 pp.


  • CSI Save the Groom is played on smartphones, you can have up to four people on a team
  • We will send you a pre-game briefing via email before the event with instructions to download the app and team logins.
  • The game is played on our purpose-built app.
  • Score as many points as possible to win by completing all the challenges to “Save the Groom”


  • An Android or iOS Smartphone. (the device must be at least iOS 13+ / Android 7+)
  • Your confirmation email as this contains your login information
  • Good internet and GPS connection, a pen and notebook may be handy too
  • Dressing up is optional but good fun!
  • Bring your A-game, you'll need it solve the crime and Save the Groom!
Interrogate The Suspects

The Groom has been kidnapped...

So, Lez Lizard wants to turn his club the Lusty Leppard into a wedding venue. It really is a sleazy dump though...

Lez tried to force the groom into booking his venue for the wedding but when the groom refused Lez kidnapped him and is now looking for a cancellation fee of 60k.

Lez couldn't have done this by himself, we believe he had some help, you need to find his accomplice.

You will see the suspects dotted around the city on your map, you must find and interrogate them to get as much information as possible to solve the crime.
Work together to decipher the riddles and crack the codes.

Can you Save the Groom in time for the wedding?

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Your Suspects

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